Covid19 Information

Covid19 Information

What types of coronavirus tests are available in our clinic?

  • PCR test (PCR-Abstrichtest or Labortest)

This is the standard test. The test will be sent to the laboratory. It takes more time, but more reliable. It is better at detecting the virus.

  • Rapid Antigen Detection test (Schnelltest)

This test gives results in a few minutes. It is cheaper and faster, but it’s not as reliable as PCR tests. It might not detect that you are infected, especially in the first week after you were infected.

  • Antibody test (Antikörper-Test)
    This only tells you if you had coronavirus before.

When will I get my test results?

  • With a PCR test, you will get results within 48 hours. You will get a call or an e-mail from us. If your test result is positive, the laboratory is forced to inform your result to Public Health Department (Gesundheitsamt)
  • With a rapid antigen test, you will get a result in around 15-30 minutes.

How much does a test cost and Who pays for my test?

If you would like to get a test, and…

  • You have coronavirus symptoms
    The test is free of charge. Your health insurance pays for it.
  • Your family doctor prescribes a test
    The test is free of charge. Your health insurance pays for it.
  • You did not travel back to Germany from a high risk area and you do not have coronavirus symptoms
    You have to pay for the test by yourself if you want to be tested. The PCR test (Labortest) will be charged for 130-150€ and the rapid test (Schnelltest) will be charged for 60€ at our clinic.
  • If my employer wants a negative test result?
    The service must be paid privately. You must discuss with the employer whether the employer will reimburse you the cost.

🧾 During the pandemic time, if you need a sick note (Krankschreibung) for your employer, please call our clinic. We can prepare you a sick note over the phone before picking up. Always call before going in person.

                                    ⚠️   WE ACCEPT CASH ONLY, CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
                                                            We apologize for any inconveniences

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